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There are medical doctors who’re towards the usage of cornstarch, child powder or every other kind of powder on the infant’s pores and skin. As an alternative, they advocate lubricating emollients for diaper rashes. However, many mother and father swear by the effectiveness of cornstarch’s therapeutic talents.

Consultants attempt to clarify this conflicting opinion about cornstarch by attempting to attract your consideration to the explanation behind diaper rash. As you already know, diaper rash is often brought on by a mix of wetness, friction, too little air, and generally additionally irritants (exterior merchandise that come into contact along with your child’s pores and skin, reminiscent of wipes, bathtub merchandise, and many others.) and many others.). There are various kinds of diaper rash:

  • Chafing (most typical kind)
  • Yeast
  • Intertrigo (crimson space that drains)
  • Impetigo (bacterial an infection)
  • Eczema

In case your child’s diaper rash is because of excoriation (brought on by friction), then cornstarch is the best. Cornstarch, which has a silky texture, not solely minimizes friction between the pores and skin and the diaper, but additionally protects the pores and skin.

In case of intertrigo, the place the rash oozescornstarch is definitely really useful, which can also be a drying agent.

Concerning the usage of cornstarch in diaper rashes brought on by yeast is anxious, there are notions that it may worsen it additional. Nevertheless, it isn’t true.

Based on a research carried out by JJ Leyden in 1984, it was discovered that cornstarch doesn’t enhance the expansion of yeast on the pores and skin however as an alternative acts as a protect towards accidents that might be brought on by friction on the affected space of ​​pores and skin.

Cornstarch has been proven to attenuate friction rashes (yeast-infected pores and skin is crimson and sore) induced experimentally in volunteers.

Among the many different causes behind cornstarch’s recognition are that it’s available, pure, and cost-effective. Nevertheless, if cornstarch or different house treatments for diaper rash do not appear to work, go to your pediatrician.


  • Use cornstarch sparingly
  • You should definitely hold it away out of your child’s face.
  • Use 100% pure cornstarch

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