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Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock on the Oscars?

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Two phrases: Alopecia Areata.

In medical vocabulary, Alopecia means ‘bald’ and Areata means ‘patched’.

Jada Pinkett Smith, the spouse of actor Will Smith, has been candid about her battle with an autoimmune illness referred to as alopecia areata, which is patchy and unpredictable hair loss.

Throughout the 94th Academy Awards final evening, Chris Rock directed a cheeky prank at Jada, which did not sit nicely with ‘Greatest Actor’ winner Will Smith. Rock was referring to Demi Moore’s bald spot within the 1997 motion flick. gi jane.

Alopecia areata is classed as an autoimmune illness, by which the immune system mistakenly assaults components of the physique. On this case, the cells of the immune system assault and encompass the hair follicles, stopping hair development.

This is what Toronto dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett from DLK on the avenue needed to say concerning the situation:

There are numerous several types of hair loss, also referred to as alopecia. Hair loss could be divided into scarring (scarring) and non-scarring (non-scarring) varieties. One type of non-scarring alopecia is alopecia areata. It is a type of alopecia attributable to an autoinflammatory response of the hair follicle. Sufferers could have remoted patches of hair loss on the scalp; nonetheless, in additional extreme varieties, it may happen wherever on the physique, together with the eyelashes and eyebrows. Some sufferers can also expertise lack of all people hair (Alopecia Universalis). Sufferers with alopecia areata are additionally at elevated danger for different autoimmune illnesses, akin to thyroid illness, pernicious anemia, and Addison’s illness, amongst others, so you will need to rigorously monitor these sufferers.

Remedies for alopecia areata embody topical strategies akin to topical steroids, intralesional steroid injections, or systemic drugs in additional extreme varieties. Different frequent types of non-scarring alopecia are telogen effluvium, which might happen after sickness or trauma, and androgenetic alopecia, which is usually seen in males and a few girls with growing old.

Clearly, Alopecia is critical and could be annoying for the particular person affected by look elements. In 2018, a peer reviewed research confirmed that “black and Hispanic girls within the US are considerably extra prone to develop alopecia areata of their lifetime than white girls.”

In 2018, JPS was open about his situation throughout an episode of his Fb collection, crimson desk speak, stating that “It was scary when it began. He was within the bathe sooner or later after which I simply had a handful of hair on my palms.”

Did Chris deserve it?

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