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There are 15 species of pothos, all of that are easy-care climbing and creeping members of the Araceae plant household.

They arrive from the tropical and semi-tropical rainforests of the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia. Because of this, they’re largely joyful in any commonplace house setting.


However often, one thing goes mistaken and brown spots seem on the leaves.

Brown spots on pothos and different crops are a standard symptom of assorted illnesses.

In case your pothos plant has brown spots, it might point out any of the next:

  • The plant has cooled down.
  • It is getting too sunny.
  • It isn’t getting sufficient moisture.
  • You are not watering it proper.
  • Your plant has an excessive amount of fertilizer.
  • You may have an insect infestation.

Relaxation assured, it is time to overview your caregiving habits and do some detective work.

Totally different Components That Trigger Brown Spots on Pothos

mistaken lighting

These jungle dwellers do greatest in vivid, oblique daylight. They’ll do nicely in a shady setting, however you probably have a variegated pothos, it might lose variegatedness in low mild.

However if you happen to expose any pothos to extreme, vivid, direct daylight, you danger burning the leaves. It will trigger brown spots and streaks.

Verify the sunshine publicity of your crops. Is there robust daylight at any time in the course of the day? In that case, shade it or transfer it to provide it some safety.

Trim burned leaves with a pointy, sterile chopping device. Your plant ought to rapidly get well and current you with new development.

Lack of humidity and robust drafts

Do not forget that your pothos is of course a jungle dweller, so it likes moisture and a sheltered setting. So mist your plant each day or use a humidifier within the room the place you retain your crops.

In case your pothos is a desk plant (versus a dangling basket plant), place its container in a pebble tray with a little bit water within the backside. Because the water evaporates, it should humidify the air across the plant.

Make sure to defend your pothos from scorching or chilly drafts. Permit air to flow into gently round your crops. By no means permit your pothos (or some other plant) to sit down instantly in entrance of a heater or air conditioner.

Additionally, your plant ought to be nicely away from open home windows that permit drafts or ceaselessly used doorways or doorways.

Excessive temperatures

Pothos like constant heat temperatures starting from 70° at 90° Fahrenheit levels.

Can tolerate night time temperatures as much as 65° levels Fahrenheit, however not a lot decrease.

When you expose your plant to frigid temperatures for even a short while, its leaves are prone to shrivel and switch brown.

If the roots have not frozen, you possibly can most likely revive your plant. Right here is how you can do it:

  • Reduce off broken foliage.
  • Place the pot in a heat space that receives direct and oblique daylight.
  • Care for him as regular, and he ought to get well.

Publicity to temperatures above 90° levels Fahrenheit will dry and dry the leaves of crops.

Once more, if the publicity is temporary and the roots stay moist, you could possibly revive the plant. Trim broken leaves and supply light, constant care.

incorrect watering

When pothos is watered, an excessive amount of water can result in root and stem rot, resulting in mushy brown spots and lifeless leaves. Too little watering results in dry, desiccated brown leaves.

It is best to make use of the soak-and-dry irrigation technique, wherein you permit the soil to dry comparatively after which completely soak it.

This enables the plant to soak up quite a lot of water whereas permitting ample air circulation within the potting medium.

In case your plant is affected by a scarcity of water, do the next:

  • Reduce off broken leaves and provides them a great soak.
  • Let the pot sit in a bowl of room temperature water for half an hour or so.
  • Subsequent, take away the pot from the bathtub and permit extra moisture to empty.
  • By no means depart your plant sitting in water repeatedly as this causes root rot.

If root rot is the primary reason behind the brown spots, you could possibly revive the plant.

Repot into contemporary, mild, aerated potting medium in a brand new or sterilized container.

When transplanting, trim mushy, rotting roots and broken foliage with a really sharp, sterilized device.

Let the plant relaxation in a coated, ethereal spot to dry earlier than transplanting.

When pruning the plant, search for a few wholesome cuttings to take and pot individually in case the mom plant does not survive.

an excessive amount of fertilizer

Pothos aren’t heavy feeders. An excessive amount of pothos fertilizer will trigger salt buildup, which might result in brown spots.

When you see a buildup of salt on the floor of the soil, that is almost definitely the reason for your drawback.

When this occurs, you could possibly save your plant by doing the next:

  • Rinse the soil with contemporary distilled water.
  • Then let the water run by the drainage holes to take away the salt.
  • As soon as that is executed, permit the soil to nearly dry out earlier than watering once more.

If it is time to repot, you possibly can treatment your over-fertilizing drawback by shifting your plant to a brand new pot with contemporary potting combine.

Once you do, look at and trim the roots as wanted.

In both case, minimize off broken stems and leaves. They may quickly get replaced by new development.

To keep away from this drawback, fertilize solely in the course of the rising season (spring and summer season).

Fertilize as soon as a month with a medium dose of a great high quality basic houseplant fertilizer.

Observe that fertilization will not be mandatory if you happen to repot with contemporary potting soil every spring.

insect pests

Any environmental imbalance could make your pothos extra prone to infestation by insect pests like mealybugs and spider mites.

Examples of those imbalances are:

  • mistaken mild
  • Dangerous watering habits
  • temperature fluctuations
  • Incorrect humidity ranges)

If this occurs, you could possibly take away the pests from the crops with a powerful stream of water within the kitchen sink or bathe.

You will want to repeat the remedy a number of occasions to make sure that all pests and their offspring are eradicated. In any other case, they are going to emerge from the eggs even after destroying the plant.

Additionally, you will want to make use of a powerful detergent answer to wash the world the place your crops stay. It will care for the stragglers and their eggs.

Another choice is to spray your crops with a gentle pesticide answer, reminiscent of Permethrin. This can be a fairly secure possibility for indoor use, and is nicely tolerated by most crops (together with pothos).

Right here is how you can do it:

  • Use a ten% focus and blend it on the charge of 1 teaspoon per liter of water.
  • Then spray your crops each 2-3 days for a few weeks to verify all of the pests and their offspring are gone.

In both state of affairs, trim broken stems and leaves after treating the plant.

It is price noting that as a result of pothos is very easy to develop from cuttings, it is typically higher to transplant a number of cuttings. Then, clear them nicely and discard the crops, pots, soil, and many others. infested with pests.

By doing this, you possibly can utterly debug your plant space and begin contemporary. Good plant care is a strong prevention towards insect pests.

Additionally, stop infestation by including a number of drops of Neem oil to your plant sprayer and spray it as soon as per week.

Wipe the sheets with a paper towel or mushy fabric afterward to take away any mud and provides them a little bit shine.

Good plant care prevents brown leaf spots on pothos

Once more, pothos is an easy to take care of plant that ought to be joyful and wholesome in nearly any commonplace house setting.

If your home is at a snug temperature, your plant is nicely positioned, and also you water and fertilize accurately, you shouldn’t have any issues. Observe the ideas offered right here to forestall and deal with brown spots on pothos leaves.

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