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Get extra out of your health tracker’s step countersteps per mile

Simply check out your Fitbit and it is simple to see the variety of steps recorded. Because the look of FitBit, What number of steps does Fitbit calculate per mile? looks like a fairly widespread query. I imply we’ve got to know! I want to shut all three 3 rings on my Apple Watch! not?

However have you ever ever questioned how Fitbit calculates the variety of steps you want to stroll to get to a mile? Both approach, I wager you is perhaps setting some New Yr’s Resolutions to stroll extra and hit that notorious 10,000 step mark!

So we’re requested… precisely what number of steps are there in a mile? What number of miles are 10,000 steps? We break it down under and clarify the right way to calibrate your Fitbit to trace distance extra precisely.

How top correlates with stride size and miles traveled

steps per mile

Your stride size is the gap you stroll from heel to heel, and this distance relies on your top. The taller you’re, the longer your stride size, and the shorter you’re, the shorter your stride size.

To get an concept of ​​your common stride size, multiply 0.413 by your top in inches. For instance, an individual who’s six ft tall (72 inches) has a median stride size of virtually 30 inches (72 x 0.413). An individual who’s 5 ft tall (60 inches) has a median stride size of about 25 inches (60 x 0.413).

To calculate the variety of steps taken per mile, you will need to know that one mile is the same as 63.360 inches. Doing a little bit of math, we are able to calculate that:

  • A six foot tall individual walks roughly 2,112 steps per mile (63.360 inches/30 inch stride size).
  • A 5 foot tall individual walks roughly 2,534 steps per mile (63.360 inches/25 inch stride size).

These numbers are solely approximate. Relying on how lengthy or brief your legs are, your stride size could differ from that of the typical individual, which signifies that your steps per mile and the miles counted by Fitbit differ as effectively.

How Fitbit calculates your steps per mile

So how does Fitbit calculate the variety of miles you stroll? Until you enter your stride size manually within the app, Fitbit makes use of the data you enter for top and gender to estimate your stride size. Subsequent, use your stride size (estimated or handbook) to calculate the gap you stroll or run.

The brief reply is that about 2,000 steps make up a mile.

That being stated, your stride could make all of the distinction.

Fitbit’s distance method is: Steps x Stride Size = Distance Traveled

For instance, in the event you stroll 2,640 steps with a stride size of 24 inches, that is one mile you’ve got coated (2,640 steps x 24-inch stride size = 63,360 inches). Conversely, in case your Fitbit exhibits you walked a mile based mostly on a stride size of 24 inches, that is 2,640 steps per mile.


To lose one pound per week, you want to burn an extra 3,500 energy per week.

That magic variety of 10,000 steps equals about half-hour of train, which is able to burn between 2,000 and three,500 energy per week, relying in your present weight and how briskly you stroll.

Strolling at a brisk tempo of 5 mph for an hour or 10,000 steps all through the day will get you nearer to, if not reaching, 3,500 by the tip of the week.

So to lose a pound per week, intention to hit that 10,000-step mark every day. In case you’re hitting it however do not see the loss, attempt selecting up your tempo.

How to verify Fitbit precisely data your miles

One of the best ways to make sure your miles are being tracked precisely is to manually measure and enter your stride size within the Fitbit app. That is how:

  1. Pre-measure an space (in inches or centimeters) the place you may take a minimum of 20 steps, resembling your driveway or an extended hallway.

  2. Depend your steps as you cowl the beforehand measured distance, strolling a minimum of 20 steps at a traditional tempo.

  3. Divide the whole size of the beforehand measured distance (in inches or centimeters) by the variety of steps you took to calculate your stride size in inches or centimeters.

  4. Within the Fitbit app, go to settings > Private info > stride size to enter your stride size.

Stroll and run

As a fast rule of thumb, a earlier analysis examine discovered these common steps per mile at strolling and working speeds:2

  • Strolling 20 minutes per mile (3 miles per hour): 2,252 steps per mile
  • Strolling quarter-hour per mile (4 miles per hour): 1935 steps per mile
  • Working 12 minutes per mile (5 miles per hour): 1951 steps per mile
  • Working 10 minutes per mile (6 miles per hour): 1672 steps per mile
  • Working 8 minutes per mile (7.5 miles per hour): 1,400 steps per mile

Utilizing these averages, that is how far you may go utilizing varied step totals. Please observe that this can fluctuate relying in your particular person stride size.

Top Estimates

Many health trackers use height-based estimates and ask to your top throughout setup. Tough estimates of steps per mile based mostly on a ratio of stride to top are:3

measuring your steps

You need to use a step counting health tracker or your cell phone’s step counting perform to rely your steps, or you may rely them in your head. One of the best ways to seek out your common steps per mile is to rely them a number of instances for a identified distance and take a look at your common:


To discover a measured mile, you should utilize a regulation quarter-mile monitor at an area faculty. You could have to ask the coach to verify it’s a quarter mile (1,320 foot) monitor somewhat than a 400 meter (1,308 foot) monitor. Stroll solely within the inside lane. Depend your steps.

It is best to do 4 laps for a full mile on a quarter-mile monitor, so you will not need to do any math. For a 400-meter monitor, do 4 laps and multiply your steps by 1,009.



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How Many Fitbit Calculate Steps Per Mile

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