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Harvesting zinnia seeds out of your backyard saves you the price of shopping for new zinnia seeds for the subsequent season.

Since zinnias should be replanted from seed every season, saving the mom plant as a seed can prevent time, cash, and fulfill your creativity.

There might even be a stunning mixture of zinnia varieties via cross-pollination.

kinds of zinnias

How to harvest zinnia seeds

All Zinnia seeds look the identical, whether or not the flower is a hybrid or a conventional cultivar.

Zinnia seeds appear to be arrowheads and you may see them connected to the ends of inexperienced or dried petals which are plucked from the flower head.

Open-pollinated zinnias are zinnias grown from unique or heirloom seed.

Right now, most hybrid zinnias can be found, which have been created by cross-pollination or intentional greenhouse pollination. Hybrid zinnias have particular inbred traits.

The zinnia flower incorporates two several types of seeds within the flower petals or within the florets (within the heart of the flower).

Zinnia floret seeds are unique seeds that reproduce the mom flower, whereas zinnia petal seeds are hybrids that type new variants.

How one can save and harvest zinnia seeds

zinnia seeds removed

Crucial instruments and tools for preserving your personal zinnia seeds are:

  • A few paper packets or paper envelopes
  • A pen or pencil to put in writing the zinnia subspecies or description on every package deal
  • a pair of pliers (optionally available)
  • A big glass jar
  • A tray or display
  • Paper towels

The perfect time to reap zinnia seeds is when the flower heads have dried on the stems and the previous few petals have browned or fallen off.

Harvest time is often in late summer time or fall, when the flowers have begun to wilt and switch brown.

Whereas it’s potential to reap inexperienced zinnia seeds, it isn’t advisable as many of those zinnia seeds shall be immature and won’t produce flowers.

1. Gather Zinnia Seeds

To reap zinnia seeds, you will have the next supplies:

  • A flat tray or display to dry zinnia seeds
  • A pointy pruning shears
  • Paper towels and socks (optionally available)
  • High quality-nose tweezers for sorting small seeds (optionally available)

To get zinnia flower seeds, comply with these steps:

Take away dried flower heads.

Use the sharp scissors or pruning shears to fastidiously minimize off the dried flower heads and gently place them in a bundle or basket. Watch out to not shake the flowers an excessive amount of.

If you wish to plant a pure subspecies the next 12 months, remember to preserve the seeds of that zinnia species separate. Mixing your zinnia flowers collectively will end in a rainbow field, which can be stunning.

take away zinnia seeds

Place a tray lined with paper towels on a desk and work on the tray.

To take away zinnia seeds, merely grasp every flower between your thumb and forefinger, gently squeezing and rotating your fingers as in the event you have been rubbing a coin.

The dried seeds will break off and fall onto the tray lined with paper towels.

For those who do not wish to combine hybrids, preserve the seeds separate by utilizing a unique paper towel for every completely different number of zinnia.

As soon as you’ve got collected all of the seeds from one kind of zinnia on the paper towel, lay one other paper towel over the primary for the subsequent selection.

Zinnia seeds are arrow-shaped and a few should still have the stays of dried flower petals connected to them. Take these between your index finger and thumb, pulling the petals together with your different hand.

Remember to test in case your zinnia seeds are viable by analyzing every seed you wish to preserve.

For those who like, use needle-nose pliers to extra simply type out tiny seeds which are tough to choose up together with your fingers. A zinnia seed with an embryo inside shall be fatter than an infertile seed.

2. Dry Zinnia Seeds

Zinnia seeds are alive. Though the flower head has dried, the seeds nonetheless include moisture.

This moisture could cause mildew and decay. It is very important correctly dry zinnia seeds to retailer them for subsequent season’s planting.

To dry zinnia seeds, comply with these steps:

Separate the zinnia seeds

On the paper towel-lined mesh or baking sheet, unfold the zinnia seeds so they do not contact or overlap in any respect.

If you do not have a mesh pan, a pan with stockings underneath the paper towel helps air circulate higher underneath the seeds.

Drying time

When drying zinnia seeds, comply with a gradual and regular course of. Merely let the seeds air dry as an alternative of attempting to dry them utilizing one other synthetic methodology.

Relying on how a lot moisture the seeds include, you might wish to let the seeds air dry for per week or two.

Hold them out of direct daylight and be looking out for opportunistic bugs like ants that will wish to steal the seeds.

turning zinnia seeds

After the tops of the zinnia seeds are dry (in 2 to 4 weeks), flip the seeds over by gently shaking the tray as if making pancakes.

When all of the seeds have been turned over, allow them to dry additional. The drier components of the seeds shall be lighter in colour than the nonetheless moist components.

Drying seeds slightly extra

It might take one other week or two to dry out the underside of the seeds now on prime of the tray.

When either side of the seeds are the identical shade of brown and the seeds really feel lighter than whenever you began, the seeds are correctly dried and prepared for storage.

3. Save Zinnia Seeds

When storing zinnia seeds, you will need to make sure that there are not any moist seeds within the assortment.

Stop moisture from spoiling the seeds by storing them in a fridge or different cool, darkish place at 32 to 41°F, and in a paper envelope in an hermetic glass jar.

Put a packet of silica gel or some dried rice grains within the envelope together with the seeds to make sure the seeds keep dry.

Suggestions for Harvesting Zinnia Seeds

Zinnia seed harvest

The next suggestions are useful in efficiently harvesting and preserving zinnia seeds:

use an organza bag

Zinnia seeds will be protected for later harvest by inserting an organza bag over the flower whereas it’s in full bloom.

Sealing the flower with this breathable organza bag helps defend the seeds from blowing away and even prevents cross-pollination.


Additionally it is a good suggestion to prime off or take away flower heads that come from poorly rising flowers.

Solely harvest the most effective zinnia flowers, as these have the most effective genetic code of their seeds. Mark the most effective (rising) flowers in the course of the summer time rising season by tying a ribbon across the stems.

inexperienced harvest

If inclement climate is coming and your zinnia seeds aren’t prepared for harvest, bear in mind which you could harvest inexperienced zinnia seeds so long as they’re ripe sufficient.

Inexperienced zinnia seeds will take longer to dry, and you will have to take away the remainder of the dried petals from the seeds.

Use zinnia seeds saved inside three to 5 years to make sure that the embryo is viable and germination happens. Leaving seeds in longer can lead to a poor germination price.

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