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Years in the past, earlier than our ongoing drought pressured itself on our on a regular basis consciousness, I used to look ahead to June because the time to transplant one final set of tomatoes to offer fruit through the fall chill and generally into the brand new yr. However, about 5 or seven years in the past, I began noticing that that final group of vegetation wasn’t establishing properly, I needed to water them extra simply to make sure their survival, and I wasn’t getting my reward of many tomatoes. and maturing earlier than they gave out as a result of excessive stress of the summer season warmth. So I ended planting so late. It turned out that even the Might plantings have been in danger. As an alternative, planting in mid to late April was the final one that may lead to vigorous vegetation and yield, even once we had our “ordinary” week of temperatures above 100 levels. So I targeted on selecting varieties that diverse extensively in maturity dates to make sure I might profit from a protracted manufacturing interval; and cherry tomatoes usually stored producing by the warmth and fall.
The identical goes for planting beans, cucumbers and squash so late.
And the corn planted so late might develop “carbon” or “huitlacoche”, a fungus that’s despised or appreciated in accordance with cultural culinary appreciation or not.
After all, your backyard can nonetheless do properly by planting any of those greens now, particularly when you’re in additional coastal climates. And experimenting is all the time enjoyable and leads to no less than some advantages.
I solely convey this up so you will not be too upset in case your subsequent summer season sample follows mine, particularly with water restrictions being imposed all through Southern California. And hopefully you will additionally change your soil preparation and seeding and planting practices to give attention to our cooler season of fall, winter, and spring so all the things thrives and produces fortunately!

Upkeep of progress and harvests
On your tomatoes which are already properly established with ripe fruit, hold them properly watered, particularly throughout temperatures above 90 levels to encourage them to proceed producing new flowers. Because the air temperature rises and stays constantly excessive, fewer flowers will set as a result of change in hormones. So that you need to have as many fruit already set whereas temps are beneath 90 to ripen till flowering begins once more as soon as temps stabilize beneath 90 for a few weeks.
After watering the tomatoes, unfold some basic function fertilizer (with all 3 NPK numbers about the identical) after which water once more to soften it into the moist soil. It will present the vegetation with some extra diet for his or her continued efforts at flowering, fruiting, and fruit ripening.
Hormones equally cease producing flowers if too many fruits are allowed to ripen in beans, cucumbers, eggplants and squash. Greens left to ripen too lengthy will produce a chemical that inhibits blooming. Due to this fact, hold the fruits harvested each different day till they attain the scale you need, in order that the vegetation proceed to supply extra flowers in order that extra fruits mature later.
Preserve harvesting herb foliage. Minimize off the tricks to encourage lusher, extra delicately flavored vegetation. Take away flowers each time they seem so the plant does not drift and produce seeds as an alternative of extra tender foliage. For tips about drying herb foliage, try my 4/26/16 weblog, Harvesting Herbs for Recent and Dry Use.
Elevate vine vegetable fruits like squash, squash, and melons in cans or berry baskets to place them out of attain of snails, slugs, different soil-borne creatures and illnesses, and into the air so that they soak up extra warmth from the solar. and due to this fact mature extra.
The planting of flower bulbs could be completed at any time of the yr as they comprise their very own “fertilizer package deal”. Nonetheless, select to purchase and plant bulbs in accordance with their rising and flowering seasons, and whether or not or not they want the soil they’re planted in to dry out utterly throughout their dormant season, whether or not it’s summer season or winter. Late-summer colour bulbs to plant now embody tuberous begonias, cannas, gladioli, montbretias, and tigridias.
Mulch, mulch, mulch! Natural matter equivalent to compost, leaves, or grass clippings will blunt the drying and heating impact of the solar, and watering will likely be simpler with much less frequency and amount.

For extra yard work, see June and July.

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