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Osteoporosis actually means “porous bone.” Porous means filled with holes. With ageing, our bones get thinner. Osteoporosis is a illness through which the bones turn out to be very weak and brittle. It usually develops unnoticed for a few years with none signs or discomfort till a bone is damaged. As a result of there aren’t any signs within the early phases and it progresses silently, it’s usually referred to as a silent illness.

These fractures most frequently happen within the hip, backbone, and wrist. Bones usually break because of a fall, though typically folks with osteoporosis can fracture a bone even when doing easy housekeeping, sneezing, or a sudden motion. Fractures brought on by osteoporosis will be life-threatening and one of many main causes of long-term ache and incapacity.

World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) is widely known yearly on October 20 all over the world to boost world consciousness in regards to the prevention, prognosis and therapy of osteoporosis. WOD goals to make osteoporosis and fracture prevention a world well being precedence.

What’s osteoporosis?

Bone resides tissue. To keep up power, wholesome bones naturally rework themselves by eradicating outdated bone and changing it with new one. Osteoclasts break down outdated bone and launch minerals into the circulation in a course of often called bone resorption, whereas osteoblasts kind new bone in a course of often called ossification or osteogenesis. The imbalance between bone resorption and bone ossification causes osteoporosis.

In osteoporosis, bone resorption exceeds bone progress. The chance of growing osteoporosis relies upon partially on the utmost bone mass achieved in youth. Peak bone mass is inherited partially and varies by ethnic group. Peak bone mass is often reached at age 30. The upper your peak bone mass, the extra bone you might have “within the financial institution” and the much less seemingly you might be to develop osteoporosis with ageing.

That are the chance elements?

Osteoporosis happens extra usually in older ladies, however males are additionally in danger. One in three ladies and one in 5 males over the age of 65 will break a bone from osteoporosis. Other than age and gender, the next are the chance elements for osteoporosis:

• Early menopause
• Being underweight (physique mass index under 19)
• Medical situations related to osteoporosis, reminiscent of rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, breast or prostate most cancers, or sure digestive ailments
• Medicines that trigger osteoporosis, reminiscent of long-term every day use of glucocorticoids (steroids)
• Parental historical past of hip fracture or osteoporosis
• Sedentary way of life
• Smoking and extreme consuming
• Poor dietary consumption of calcium and vitamin D
• Earlier fracture
• Ethnic origin: Caucasian and Asian individuals are extra more likely to develop it.

What are the signs of osteoporosis?

Though osteoporosis is a silent illness, the next indicators and signs needs to be taken into consideration:

• Peak loss (shortening of an inch or extra).
• Posture change (bend over or lean ahead).
• Issue respiration (decreased lung capability resulting from compressed discs).
• Bone fractures.
• Low again ache.

How is osteoporosis recognized?

Bone mineral density (BMD) checks are often known as dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA or DXA) scans and are used to diagnose osteoporosis. These x-rays use very small quantities of radiation to find out how sturdy the bones of the backbone, hip, or wrist are.

All ladies over the age of 65 and all males over the age of 70 ought to have a bone density check. DEXA scanning could also be accomplished earlier for ladies and men who’ve danger elements for osteoporosis.

How is osteoporosis handled?

The objectives of osteoporosis therapy are to sluggish or cease bone loss and forestall fractures.

• Correct diet.
• Modifications in way of life.
• Train.
• Fall prevention to assist stop fractures.
• Medicines.
Remedy have to be individualized and tailored to the wants of every affected person.

The creator is Guide Endocrinologist at World Hospital, Parel, Mumbai. The opinions expressed are private.

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What are signs and symptoms of silent bone disease

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